About Me

I like the ordinary, to celebrate the ‘what is’.

Because I am a visual narrator. My whole life has been all about videos, films and photographs.

Actually I lie. I studied music and though I can play a fair tune on the piano and classical guitar  I decided that, that wasn’t for me.

So I became a documentary film maker for nearly 2 decades where I produced, scripted, photographed and directed TV programs to short documentary films. I particularly enjoyed covering children’s and women’s rights as well as social, environmental, and developmental issues in Asia.

I then had children.

Motherhood brought many changes and I now use photography to tell stories.

Stories about people, places and moments.

Stories that matter.

Stories that linger.

Stories that say what words can’t.

This is a sample of some of my work since 2012.

Heshani Sothiraj Eddleston